Raw material

Always outstanding
Our selected ewe’s milk comes from certain areas of production in Tuscany that are known for the quality of their pastures, such as Pienza and Siena, from where we produce three products with guaranteed traceability. Other excellent milk collection lands in Tuscany are Val d’Orcia, the province of Grosseto, the hills of Pisa and Livorno, the area along the Tyrrhenian coast – from Vada to Suvereto – and the Migliarino – San Rossore – Massaciuccoli Park.

For the most particular productions, the milk is collected by our vehicles in the hills and lands of the Bassa Maremma and Alta Tuscia, between Tuscany and Lazio. The special physico-chemical properties and the high standards of hygiene of the contributor sheds enable us to use this highly valued milk for the production of raw milk cheese.

Cow’s milk, which is added to some of our recipes for the production of mixed

cheeses (cow’s and ewe’s milk), comes from the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna and from some small Tuscan and Ligurian villages. The mixed productions mostly increase in autumn (September- November), owing to the physiological reduction of ewe’s milk. During this period many products are made with mixed milk, although other cheeses, such as Caciotta Nonna Emma, Morbidoso and Marzolino Toscano, are made from mixed milk throughout the year.

The beginning of 2015 marked the launch of a new production of goat’s milk cheese, a real novelty and innovation in the Tuscan traditional dairy sector, which has up to now focused on the production of pecorino (with ewe’s milk). Soon two new products will be launched on the market: the Capriccio Toscano and the delicious ricotta La Capricciosa.